Jane’s story begins like the start of a bad novel…

It was a dark and stormy night, in the midst of a terrifying Midwestern thunderstorm. Jane, then 11 years old, was awakened from a deep sleep by a petrifying clap of thunder. In the same second, three divine figures ascended from the ceiling of her bedroom. The one in the middle was huge, dressed in red, and holding a very large book. The two figures on either side of this being were a brilliant white light, holding what appeared to be candles. The visit was brief, the impression lasting a lifetime.

After years of wondering just who graced her room that night, the answer came to her when she was divinely led to a series of books. It was in reading about the angels that Jane discovered her visitor was Archangel Uriel, the angel assigned to rule over thunder and terror. Archangel Uriel also presented Adam with the book of all the healing herbs from the Earth. It was no surprise that Jane was guided into the area of intuitive counseling and to assist seekers to help heal broken hearts, and fractured souls.

Since 2001, Jane has been working on the internet, taking telephone consultations. She has over 77,000 reviews from satisfied callers. Jane’s services encompass all facets of assistance for others – Life coaching, dating coaching, couples counseling, and singles counseling. If you have a problem, Jane can help you resolve it!

  • Professional Intuitive Guidance, over 21 years – In person or phone consultations
  • Ordained Minister, 2000
  • Bachelors in Journalism from the University of Kansas
  • Post-Graduate work in Business/Marketing, Kansas State University
  • Producer of “The Jane Wilcox Show” NBC1190, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Co-Host on The Wolf & The Bear Network
  • Author of “Angels in the Boardroom
  • Author of many relationship-oriented articles, published

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