Soul Mate/Life Mate Specialist and
Angel Communicator

Are you interested in your angels? Knowing if you are with a soul mate? Curious about soul mates, and the levels of soul mates we have? Would you like to reach a past loved one? Would you like to know what your pet is feeling, or reach a past pet?

Answers are here for you...

...from the daily dilemmas that you face to the love questions you need answered. Take confidence in knowing that Jane has been gifted the ability to calm you down with the loving truth of situations, the *WHYS* and the outcomes.

Since 2001, Jane has been a top advisor on the #1 online site on the internet. Thousands of readings later, she hasn’t waivered from being a highly rated and trusted advisor.

As a child, she saw heavenly beings that came to her in real time. The most vivid one visited during a terrifying thunderstorm. Jane later realized the full impact of that angel. It was Uriel, the light of God, and the one that gave the book of all the healing herbs to Adam.

Today, Jane has channeled a book on Soul Mates and our Soul Mate contracts that is in the finishing stages. Additionally she has authored a deck of her own Angel Cards and is a top contributor to several online spiritual sites. From 2003-07 she hosted her own radio show on NBC1190 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Are you ready to find out what your angels want you to know?
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