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5 Signs you are being taken Advantage of

Yes, we are responsible for our choices. Sometimes, however; those choices appear to be forced on us in such a subtle way that we are dumbstruck when we step back just a bit to actually see that it isn’t caring …

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What is WRONG with this Picture?

  He liked her, and being a natural flirt, was just being himself around her. When I introduced the two, I knew she wasn’t his ‘type’ of relationship material; but he was new in town and was looking for friends. …

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Happy Holidays!

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The Desperate Dating Dance

The Angel’s Loft Thoughts on Love & Relationships The Desperate Dating Dance I watched an episode of “Desperate Housewives” last night… except it wasn’t the television series, it was on good ‘ole Dr. Phil… I have a sorta love/hate relationship …

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Captain, time to jump ship!

You’ve all been there – Captain of the Titanic. You know you’re on a sinking ship, yet you refuse to give up. You refuse to dive off the side of the ship and allow it to sink because you really …

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