Angel of the Day: Calming Your Anxieties

How many times have you found yourself struggling through an endless maze of decisions? When you think you have the right one made, you doubt yourself over and over again? Everyone is faced with monumental or small decisions daily, but you have a tendency to to constantly worry about everything….?

The Angel of Understanding empathizes with your dilemmas, and wants to assist you through them. She teaches you to exhale, be prudent regarding these choices that you make, and once made – gives you confidence to move forward, without looking back.

You block the Angel of Understanding from guiding you if you are manufacturing things to worry and dwell on, if you are over-critical of yourself (and everyone around you) and assume a ‘perfectionist’ attitude. You may feel that if you make an incorrect choice, that you will be less than “perfect”. Here’s a hint: there are no mistakes. As humans, we experience life lessons based on the choices we make.

When you find yourself in a state of chaos and anxiety – ask for the Angel of Understanding to guide you through it. Do not be negative about everything- you’re not a victim, you are a human being, and remember that no one is perfect.

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