Angel of the Day: Compromise

COMPROMISECompromise. It’s a skill that is learned, not one you are born with. Because you can’t have everything you WANT, it is necessary to adjust your expectations and remain flexible. In relationships, it is essential that both parties negotiate in order to have needs met. It’s give and take – compromise. You both want quality time, so together you decide what you can offer to achieve this quality time.

If you want something new – for example, a new freezer – you know you need to work in order to fulfill this want. If you want to lose 10 pounds, you know you need to avoid that piece of pie – even though you may want it. Compromise is the choice you make in order to fulfill your needs.

The ability to negotiate your needs helps you to not become to attached to your desire, and to explore alternative avenues to achieve gratification. This is not to insinuate that you compromise your values or health! Never accept a compromise that forces you to go against your beliefs, or makes you question your integrity.

The Angel of Compromise urges you be more willing and open to compromise that which serves you, and in areas of your life where it is appropriate. If you have a tendency to always get what you want, at any cost, and feel the need to ‘have the last word’ you are not in alignment with the light of the Angel of Compromise. She urges you to negotiate for PEACE, and not tyranny.

Ask yourself today: Where do I need to make compromise in my life to live a more peaceful existence.

Please feel free to share your thoughts!



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