Bring Your Soul to life: PASSION!

PASSIONHave you ever found something so intriguing that it totally ignites your soul, and sets it on fire? It could be something as simple as gardening, and nurturing little plants. Perhaps you’ve just had a child, and out of it is born your passion, to help other children? Maybe you pick up a piece of fabric for the first time and discover the limitless possibilities and what you can create from it?

Passion. It’s what drives your soul, helps you to define yourself, and most of all – provides an escape from a daily routine. Sometimes, this passion becomes your life’s’ work. Sometimes it just is something to look forward to. It keeps your mind occupied. When you do something with passion, it’s not “work”, it becomes FUN. And, when you complete your projects, it’s satisfying to your soul. It’s an accomplishment,

When you are passionate about anything, you will feel the desire to pursue it with every fiber of your being. The Angel of Passion guides you to ACT on this desire and directs you to fulfillment.

A life without passion is mechanical. Robotic. Routine. Everyone has a special gift or talent, but sometimes you need to think about what inspires you.

Ask yourself today, “Of all the things in the world, what can I do to contribute a piece of ME; not only to make my world a better place, but make me feel better about myself”?

Make it a great PASSION filled day!

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