Tired of being Single?

Love and fear cannot reside in

tructhe same space

any more than Peace and Chaos

-Dr. Wayne Dyer

How many of you have read anything by Wayne Dyer? The above is one of my favorite quotes from his work. Oh, how true it is. I thought it would be nice to begin this little narrative by quoting him. Miss You, Wayne! Hope you’re having high tea with the angels!

I am asked all of the time, “When will I get a love life”. This is a fair enough question, however; the OUTCOME of this depends on YOU – not on any prediction I make. Seriously? Yep, seriously. Below I want you to answer these questions:

  1. Are you doing ANYTHING at all to ensure you get a love life?
  2. Do you even know WHO/WHAT kind of a person you’re looking for? This would include: values, interests, common core basics of family, etc.
  3. Are you harboring any resentment¬†from¬†previous relationships? (I call this the “previous relationship hangover”).
  4. Are you still traumatized by pain from a previous relationship?

What ARE you doing? Are you making a list and checking it twice? Are you on any dating sites that put yourself out there? Are you willing to approach a person in a public arena just to say hello? Fundamentally, what I’m getting to is: how MUCH of your comfort zone are you able to step out of to accommodate your desire for a relationship?

If you aren’t putting in the effort to do anything – how can you expect the Universe to at least MATCH your effort…. if you put in zero per-cent, then you get zero per-cent back. Yes, it’s high math, but I trust you can do it.

Are you AFRAID that if you DO something it will only lead to pain and rejection? Well, I hate to break this to you, but you’re not special. 9 out of 10 dating relationships do break up, and lead to pain and rejection. BUT, you’re DATING, and you need to keep trying for that 1% shot of your “happily ever after….”

If you even DOUBLE the effort you’re putting in (assuming you start at zero) then that increases 50% that the Universe is going to add to the dating pool for you, which gets you closer to that 1% of meeting Mr./Ms. Right! I know – easy, right?

Fear may keep you petrified. Frozen. Stuck……but fear won’t quell your DESIRE for a good partner – it just keeps you from actually FINDING someone. ¬†(Let me know how this works for you).

Just re-read Dr. Dyer’s quote. Take a deep breath, and boldly go where you haven’t gone before! Nothing grows in the shade of a comfort zone.

Schedule a reading with me and I’ll walk you through how to Date again! Promise it won’t hurt. Be bold!

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