LISTENINGThere are many types of communicators in the world. First, we have those politicians that give speeches about what each can do. Are they prepared to actually answer any questions, or are they just speaking to get their points across?

Then, there are the professors and teachers of the world that are supposed to communicate lessons to teach. However, they may become so focused on what they are teaching that they, too, become a bit frazzled when questions are asked and not convey their message clearly for understanding.

On a personal level, we work day in and day out with individuals that may just talk on and on, without providing any opportunity for questions, or interruptions. These people are rather annoying, heh? They are the “know it alls” and manage to make everyone believe they are above all, speaking down to those minions that aren’t as knowledgeable.

When you try to hold an intimate conversation with your significant other, sometimes the words get caught in the mind, causing a condition known as “tongue-tied” – this usually results in painful silence as each of you try to understand what the other is saying.

Today’s Angel, The Angel of Communication – or if you want to draw out the big guns, he is The Archangel Gabriel – the great messenger.  Gabriel helps you to express your truth openly and honestly, respect and honor your individuality, but MOST IMPORTANT – LISTEN!

Gabriel’s biggest gift to you is to assist you in making valuable contributions to a conversation. Using your own intuition, assimilating between what is “right and truth” in your world, to holding your mouth shut when it won’t make a difference.  Are you one of those people that must get the last word in? Are you one of those people that simply must prove you’re RIGHT above all else?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, then you need some serious work with Gabriel. He IS the original messenger of God, and he WILL guide you to stand with your integrity, and thoughts, quietly placed until the time is right for you to unload on someone.

Conversations: EVERY good conversation BEGINS with LISTENING!!!

Ask yourself today: “What can I learn by keeping my mouth silent and my ears open?”



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