What is a Spiritually-Guided Consultation?

Jane looks at your personal situation from all perspectives, and provides you with the insight to help you become the person you are meant to be.

I have several facets of my life to look at. Can Jane address all of these?

Yes. Jane breaks it down a little at a time. She can look at Career and Finances, as well as love & relationships for you. The insights provided assist you in living a balanced, happy and productive life.

Are health issues something that Jane looks into?

No. Jane recommends you consult a medical professional for health-related inquiries; this includes paternity questions, as well as pregnancy questions.

Does Jane provide a general consultation if I am not sure what arena of my life to focus on?

Yes. Jane does what is called a “central theme” consultation, focusing on what your “theme” is and branching out from there. These become quite detailed in guiding you to what you can do to truly enrich your life.

I am single and have been waiting forever for love to find me. Can Jane help me?

Yes. This service falls under the “dating coach” that Jane is. She can certainly assist you in thinking “outside the box”, how to make online dating work for you, where to put yourself to locate a partner, how to respond to prospective partners, and the list goes on.

My partner and I are experiencing numerous problems in our relationship. Can Jane help us?

Jane is an ordained minister, and can guide you through steps and the process of healing your relationship, working together on it, and mapping progress.

I’m gay and I have a hard time finding someone to talk to about my relationship that I feel comfortable with. What are Jane’s views on gays?

We’re glad you asked that. One thing Jane has always said is that “all hearts love the same, and all break the same, and heal the same” sexual orientation, race, or religion does not factor into a reading. You’re welcome to bring your issues to Jane, a safe space for you, in a non-judgmental environment, with a genuine concern to help you.

If I purchase a reading, do I need to use all of my time in one session?

Yes. The time that you purchase will go by fast. Be sure to take notes, and follow up with email if you are in need of clarification

What methods of Payments does Jane accept?

Please see “Consultations” for the many ways to contact Jane