Rejection: Ending or Opportunity?

REJECTIONRejection: it tears at your ego, and has the tendency to force you to believe you are worthless. However, I am of the firm belief that when rejection happens, it is opening a door for something better. It’s an opportunity.

In this day and age, the workforce is much more competitive due to economic circumstances which companies are downsizing, making way for lower salaries, and basically cutting the fat to make profits bigger. It’s a sad fact that those that are most qualified for a position will be eliminated to make way for someone less qualified that won’t cost companies as much.

Looking for a new position can be brutal to your self esteem. I always say, “remember, you’re interviewing the company, also”. But, desperate times call for desperate people that go into an interview with the energy of the Titanic. You NEED a job, and you are willing to do ANYTHING to get it. And, it shows. All over you.

The Angel of Encouragement guides you to put your best foot forward WITHOUT surrounding yourself with that desperation or neediness. Of course you need a job – you wouldn’t be interviewing if you didn’t, right? Open yourself to reach inside and remember that YOU are confident in your skills, you have a resume to prove your worth, and you are a valuable asset to any establishment that will hire you.

Often, though, employers have a specific person in mind, attitudes and skill sets that they believe make a perfect match for the employees already in place. If they don’t feel it’s a match, then trust that process. You do not want to be around fellow employees that cause you grief, do you?

Ask the Angel of Encouragement to assist you to open yourself up to whatever comes your way. Always enter into an interview with confidence, but not the air of “I am better than anyone”. Be yourself, but don’t divulge too much unless asked. Most important, never berate your former employer.

If it’s not THIS position, there’s a reason. Remember, rejection is only REdirection. It may take a while longer than projected, but your ideal position (or as close to ideal as you can get) is coming.

Ask yourself today: “What can I do to deflect the desperation, and look at my job search as a growing experience”?

Sending you angels,


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Accept YOU!


ACCEPTANCESome things are just not meant to be shared, especially when you’re getting to know someone. You don’t need to lay out all your cards on the table at once. Do you really think that the person you’re with cares about why you and your ex broke up, and all of the trauma that went with it?

While you may be tempted to share – are you REALLY asking “don’t judge me”? When you reveal your deepest darkest moments you are asking the person you’re getting to know just this. You are seeking approval or acceptance.

The Angel of Acceptance guides you to accept YOURSELF. She gently tells you to “hold that thought” no need to verbalize it. Do not judge yourself, or expect anyone else to judge you, either. You don’t NEED validation, consolation, or anyone’s disapproval or approval for past behaviors. Because you are human, you WILL make choices and take actions that put you in shameful  positions. However, know that YOU are the one that is assuming the “shame”. No need to explain it, defend it, or deflect the behavior. The Angel of Acceptance lets you know that you’re human.

IF you are on the brink of revealing something to someone that you’ve held in the category in your mind of “bad behavior” – HOLD THAT THOUGHT! Dating, and getting to know someone should be light and fun. There is no reason to drag it down, or stop things entirely because you are seeking approval. Get it? Accept yourself, warts and all, and know that the Angel of Acceptance instills in you your OWN approval.

Ask yourself today, “Why do I feel the need for approval and validation”?

Make it a great day!



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Peace & Contentment

PEACEExhale. Breathe in the good, out with the bad. Repeat. As you exhale, visualize your breath catching every particle of negative thoughts looming inside your brain. As you inhale, see ALL the positive cleansers go inside to invalidate those negative thoughts.

This is just one step to purification. Don’t we ALL want peace and contentment in our daily lives? How you choose to REACT to the things that are out of your control will certainly disrupt your personal contentment and inner peace. So, what do you do?

The Angel of Peace & Contentment asks YOU to just have faith in the overall “plan”, trust the situation for the moment, maintain your self-confidence, and do not be argumentative (this comes from ego). You shut out the Angel of Peace & Contentment by holding onto any of these thoughts.

You WELCOME her, when you expand your mind and connect with higher sources to maintain calm. You believe that issues can be resolved, and you can physically feel the burdens lifted off your shoulders.

Find a physical place that offers you beauty, peace and serenity. If you do not have access to a physical place, close your eyes and visualize this place where only you exist: inhale, exhale. And be THANKFUL. (There’s that “Attitude of Gratitude” again).

Trust that all will be resolved, the angels are working for you to ensure that you are in synch with the Universe. She is especially welcomed during the chaotic times in your life when all may seem hopeless for you, financial struggles, all the human-created things you may torment your mind with. As the Beatles sang “WE can work it out” – this is the message that the Angel of Peace & Contentment sends to you!

Ask yourself today: “What can I do to ensure more contentment in my life?” 

Blessings for a fabulous day! Please feel free to leave your comments and join the discussion below.

Sending you angels,



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Angel of the Day: Lose the Baggage!

BAGGAGEHow many times have you heard that to “Carry resentment is a heavy load”? Not only does it burden your soul with negativity, but it also prevents you from moving forward to a healthier space in your spiritual life. Maybe you say that some things are just *unforgivable* and you chose to harbor that inside you, continually dwelling on it. When you dwell on it (whatever it is you find *unforgivable*) it just brings you right back to square one, and you start all over with the healing process.

Today’s Angel – The Angel of Reconciliation provides gifts for you to help you release painful traumas that distort your view of life. She brings you more fully into the present flow of life- and to open your heart to the GOOD.

The Angel of Reconciliation offers YOU the opportunity to clean out the closet, and clear the clutter of old and useless baggage of the past. What is over, is over. Learn from the past, it has become a part of who you are. You have the ability to integrate it with your present life, and make it positive for you – even the most brutal and cruel of circumstances can be positive. How? You learn compassion from releasing the ‘victim’ in you, and you recognize the needs in others when your experience can help others.

You can ask The Angel of Reconciliation to guide you in letting go of the past, and accepting that YOU CAN CHOOSE to make a fresh start! Reconciliation is not about changing something which cannot be altered, it is about transforming YOUR perceptions.

Ask yourself today: “What baggage do I have that should be left behind at the airport?”

Make it a joyful clearing time for YOU!

Please leave your comments below if you have any questions, or wish to add to the discussion.

Sending you angels,


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Angel of the Day: Archangel Michael

ARCHANGELMICHAELJust who IS Archangel Michael?  He is the warrior whose light triumphs over the darkness of negativity. He can help you to stand strong in the face of adversity, resolve your personal negativities, and find strength when you are alone, or feeling like an “outsider”.

Archangel Michael is also the patron saint of policemen, soldiers and small children. He is the fiery warrior, that fights for right and justice, providing guidance to you when you find yourself in dire straights!

That said, look at your life. Are you feeling overwhelmed, alone, in need of support? The truth is that there is so much negativity, and adversity in the world today, no wonder the energy of feeling overwhelmed weighs you down.

Consider Archangel Michael your ‘go-to’ angel when life forces you into despair. He lifts you up, makes you dig deep inside of you and retrieve the “fight” inside your soul to overcome obstacles. When you feel hopeless, ASK for Michael’s assistance to guide you through your own personal battle – whether you are fighting an internal battle of what to ‘do’, or struggling with your own inner demons, Michael is the one to help.

There is so much more about Archangel Michael, this is just the tip of the iceberg. He IS the most powerful Archangel among the angelic realm. He will instill in you your strength, your inner warrior, your ability to overcome and triumph.

Ask yourself today: “Why have I tried to go this road alone when help is just at my fingertips?”

If you need further clarification, or would like more information, Email me, or leave your comments below.

Sending you angels,



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