There are many ways to connect with Jane for a reading! Choose one that suits you best!

Purchase a reading
NOTE: you get Five Free Minutes when you purchase a consultation through Jane’s store. Be sure to add “FIVE FREE” to the notes when you check out!


You may also use theClick4Advisor button and be immediately connected with Jane. In the rare case she is unavailable, you may want to use the “Arrange a call” feature. Want to CHAT? Jane is available for a chat session! Click Here

I also take PAYPAL. 20 minutes for 50.00. Pay in advance and email me, for an appointment. If your reading goes over the 20 minutes, you will be asked to continue for 3.00/per minute, minimum 5 minutes


If you are new to Keen, and register for a membership, you will receive 3 minutes free. Click the “Call Now” button. If you prefer to chat, click the ‘CHAT NOW” button.

Preparation for your Consultation

Before you get a consultation, you need to “clear” your heart space. This can be done by a simple meditation. Visualize a brilliant white light above your head. As you inhale deeply, draw this light into you, and hold it. See your heart opening and filling with this white light, then push it out through your heart. This clears negative energy around you, as well as opens your heart and your mind for receiving.

  1. Write your questions down. This will enable you to remember everything that you’d like to receive professional advice about.
  2. For love and relationship direction, all that is required is a FIRST name, and what you want to know.
  3. It is best to call when you are calm. If you are frantic, and feeling the absolute ‘need to know now’ then your energy is mixed, and answers for you will not come as quickly.
  4. Wait at least 2 weeks before calling again for an update.
  5. Although it is tempting, don’t call multiple advisors in one day. This will only cause you to be very confused about your situation.
  6. 6. What to Expect From Your Consultation:

Expect to hear some things that you may not want to hear.

Expect answers that will ease your mind.

Expect clarity for situations.

Expect to be guided to a healthier path to follow. Expect to shift your attitudes and energies to enable healthier choices for you


You must be 18 years or older to get a reading. Any prediction or other message that you receive is not a substitute for professional advice, self-help or assistance programs, or any other professional treatment that you would normally receive from a licensed professional such as a lawyer, doctor, psychiatrist, accountant or financial advisor. By contacting Jane Wilcox, no guarantees, implied warranties, or assurances of any kind are given, and as such, Jane Wilcox will NOT be responsible for any interpretation made or used by the recipient of the information and advice mentioned above. Please note that you must be 18 years or older to call Jane Wilcox.


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