darling jane:
an update on your ACCURACY!!!! u were DEAD ON"

- Meg

"Jane is just great! She is always there for me when I need her. She is right on with her predictions and so kind when she talks to me about my family and life. I really appreciate her helping me and making my days brighter. She truly is an angel! I am so glad that I have her to call on. "

- Cindy

"There are not enough words to explain Jane and what she has done and is currently doing for me. She has helped me regain my self worth, my focus, my strength and passion. She can successfully, in one phone call pull you from the brink of darkness and show you the light. She has been and is still amazing. She is accurate with her readings. She is not just a psychic. She is a friend, teacher, and supporter. She is always there when you need her and no question or concern is stupid. She is also extremely honest. She tells it the way she sees it or the way i should see it...I love her and i am so grateful beyond words for her. "

- SG

"I was at the most vulnerable state in my life, not knowing where to turn for accurate insight from a real psychic medium, when I won the psychic lottery by Angels guiding me to Jane Wilcox. Not only has she proven to be a naturally gifted psychic medium, but also one of my most valuable sources of help. Jane is a naturally gifted psychic medium who is clearly guided by Angels. Jane's divine gifts are genuine and come from God. She has the ability to communicate with the Angels and uses her incredible gifts to help people. A couple of major things that come to mind are how Jane literally gave me the advice and the steps I needed to keep my job when my boss was trying to get me out when the union couldn't save me -- my boss ended up losing her job just like Jane predicted and I got her big, corner office! When I had some very scary domestic issues (too many details to get into), Jane accurately predicted the outcome on that too and the steps to get there. Jane has always been consistently accurate while being compassionate and kind, giving me peace of mind. Being intuitive myself, I personally know the value of finding a divinely gifted psychic medium. Thank you so much for everything, Jane! "

- Shay

Most current:

2/20/17: Jane is so incredibly gifted, kind, smart, ethical and ACCURATE. Do not pass this lady up. She is very blunt and kind which I really admire. She will not sugarcoat or hold back and you can trust her with your life…….God knows she has saved me from unbearable situations with her guidance and accuracy. Well worth every cent! 2/15/16: Always right and everything happens exactly like described. She can read people and see into the future. I trust her entirely and I am very thankful for her.
2/10/16: Thanks Jane. Needed to hear that… Jane has been spot on many many times. Really looking forward to a new beginning
2/4/16: As always happen just like you’ve said Jane, you are so amazing, you are a blessing. You are always right, and everything happen as you predicted. Thank you so much, I will talk to you soon!!!
1/28/16 Jane nailed it again — I wish she was wrong about me not getting the job, but I am glad she sees something else for me. Jane has always been kind when delivering the bad news, and has always told me the truth no matter what. You really need to call this advisor if you have not already. Well worth every cent. -ST
2/12/17: Jane thank you so much for the info- amazing and confirmations all around. You saw details about my business financing that I didn’t even talk about and yet you saw those details which were very helpful to me- just amazing- this will be the week-thank you so much again. – Leslie