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Top 5 Reasons Why People CHEAT

You’re in a relationship, and everything to YOU appears to be going great! You’re happy, you are with the person you love, then you discover someone else is in your relationship, too.

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Tired of being Single?

Love and fear cannot reside in the same space any more than Peace and Chaos -Dr. Wayne Dyer How many of you have read anything by Wayne Dyer? The above is one of my favorite quotes from his work. Oh, …

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5 Signs you are being taken Advantage of

Yes, we are responsible for our choices. Sometimes, however; those choices appear to be forced on us in such a subtle way that we are dumbstruck when we step back just a bit to actually see that it isn’t caring …

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Angel of the Day: Death

When you think of death, you are probably relating it to the dying of the physical being. Physical death is just the final step, as we experience many deaths during life. Any death requires a mourning process, consoling yourself, receiving …

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Angel of the Day: It’s all about getting OUT of the Rut

What keeps you in a “rut” – feeling stuck, and rather hopeless about your situation that you find yourself in? YOU. Yep, that’s right – YOU. I’m sure you’ve heard it several times that it is up to you to …

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